Thursday, April 17, 2014


Scarves have not been a staple in my closet. I am a coat sweater gal and it needs pockets but I threw a nice sized scarf around my shoulders as my daughter and I were Christmas shopping and it suited the bill just right. It covered my shoulders nicely, wasn't too bulky and didn't slip and slide around.

Now my sister, Shirley, on the other hand wears scarves and accessorizes her outfits nicely with capes, etc. She is the middle child-calm, collected, all pulled together, elegant wearing sometimes vintage, lacy things-you know-she looks good in anything and her house is the same way. Everything looks great no matter what she does. I, on the other hand, am the southwestern type with no really particular style. I have tried a couple of times to copy her ideas-she had a antique portrait sitting on a chair in her entry-it looked just right but when I tried the same look, it just looked like the portrait needed to be hanging somewhere so I dismantled that display. Another time I tried lace as a border around my upstairs bathroom-that was a failure also and had to be taken down shortly because I could barely use the bathroom with all that lace. 

But now this scarf/cape thing is getting a hold on me. I have a couple of nice capes that have been given to me and are as versatile as my sweaters and my scarves [those have all been given to me also] are all handy with my purses hanging on the closet door.

At Christmas, I decided to make my sisters and myself one of those tied fleece scarves  so I didn't have to sew. The scarves would be made from 2 different fleeces so they would be really nice and warm. Then I found the 2 sided bonded fleece. I had never seen that before and it came in several color combinations. I chose the fuchsia/black to match some yarn I had. The fleece would be perfect, easier, no tying, no cutting 2 different fabrics, less bulky but still warm, it would still be reversible-and could have pockets. 

My original plans for 3 scarves turned to a skirt with matching scarf for-glory be-myself. 

A rectangle 90" by 30" was cut for the scarf. 4" fringe was cut all around. 9" on each end was turned up for pockets and the fringe on each side tied in double knots by my great, grandson Ian. a seam down the  center of the pockets was sewn so they wouldn't fall open. TaDa! Quick and easy scarf.

The skirt was cut from the rest of the fleece. See that @ 

In case my instructions are clear as mud, here is a video to help:
I know it is spring, I know I probably won't be wearing the skirt in the next months but I also know all those nice fleeces will be on sale and now is the time to get them or possibly get started on future gifts. Or just file this idea for the future if you like the idea. 

Thank you for your attention, 
God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott

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When I found the bonded fleece, I thought it was perfect for the no sew scarves I had in mind so I bought 3 yards to get a nice long length. There were several color combinations. I chose the fuchsia and black. I had the perfect color yarn for fingerless mitts I wanted to make for myself. In fact, I had some of the yarn with me to make sure I got the right color. Things are deceiving away from each other. Ask me how I know. I can't tell you the times that I have gotten home with what I thought was a perfect match only to find it not so.

This fleece is 60" wide as is all fleece so 3 scarves could be made. They would be 20" wide each with 9" pockets turned up and tied-that was my original plan anyway. One for each of my sisters and one for me for Christmas.

Well, Christmas came and went and even though the scarves wouldn't take long they just didn't seem to manage to get done. The sewing fairy didn't show up one time-not one. I was too busy crocheting for the family. I guess I'll have to get into that one of these days.

 I have a favorite skirt that is just a plain, french terry that I have worn for years and decided to make one from the bonded fleece like the old fave. It would be warm and easy to wear and it could be worn almost anywhere. The old gray skirt had seen its better days and wasn't as presentable as it once was. 

The 3 yards was enough for what I decided to be a 30" wide scarf and the matching skirt using the old gray favorite as a pattern since  it fit well and these skirts are no more than a rectangle with a waistband either sewn on or folded over with elastic inserted and hemmed. 

Each layer of the bonded fleece is thinner than regular fleece so it isn't so bulky but still very warm. I would have looked like the abominable snow man had I put 2 layers of regular fleece together for the skirt and scarf. That is ok for the tied blankets but to wear, I don't think so.

The rectangle was cut the to size plus 4 inches to be folded out to create a stripe down each side.
Here is a video to try to explain my reversible skirt.

Hope this helps.

The matching scarf will be featured in my next post. 

One more thing, I have come up in the world. I now have a camera man-my great, grandson Ian. He has been waiting for months to get started and this is our first project together. My [our] sewing room is coming together and he has a sewing machine to also learn to sew. 

God bless you
Carolyn Wainscott

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Thursday, January 9, 2014

More Things From Mom's Treasured Jewelry

We had a prayer gathering to start 2014 out right for our family and sister, Jackie, had made these neck pieces for our other sister, Shirley, and me by attaching pieces from our mother's jewelry to specialty yarns and silk ribbons that she had crocheted together. Mine had a real leaf that had been dipped in gold and a couple of other dangles from different pieces that had been part of one of our mother's favorite things-her jewelry-and she had tons of it. 

Mom  passed in June, 2012 [it really doesn't seem that she has been gone that long] and this is the second idea that Jackie designed which allows everyone to have meaningful treasures that reminds us of her every day. The first project was Christmas ornaments. We had a great get together with nieces, nephews and even great, grandchildren that each made their own decorative piece to be displayed at Christmas or year round. 

You can check out those artistic creations @
and @

Here is my necklace Jackie made for me in tones of gray-
 I went home and gathered some silk ribbons, jute and craft cord that I had for possible use
 these are clip on earring bases that were in my jewelry findings that I have had for years
 a pin and pin backs that can turn almost anything into a pin with a little glue
 an odd earring-now where is the other one?
 a couple of sizes of jump rings-very handy
 odd pieces that I have picked up here and there
 a lion that fell off of a barrette a long time ago, I knew there would be a use for it one day-yes, I hate to throw anything away
 lobster clasps, and I think the others are called crimps
 specialty yarns that will make very interesting things

Of course, I always have my camera with me so out it came so Jackie could explain to us what she had done:

If you have some old jewelry stored in the back closet not doing anything, these are a couple of things you can do. You can share your creations with us on my Facebook page, Carolyn's Canvas, @ We would all love to see them.

God bless you in this 2014.
Thank you for joining me here
Carolyn Wainscott
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